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Hair Straightener Brush


  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Heats up to 450℉
  • Perfect for travel
  • Special parallel bristles design
  • Auto shut-off protection
  • LCD display
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Easy on/off

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About PTC Heating:
Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heating elements are small ceramic stones with self-limiting temperature characteristics. PTC stones have fast heating response times and plateau once the predefined reference temperatures is reached. It gives even heat distribution and quick temperature recovery time.

About Ionic Technology:
The built-in ionic generator emits negative ions-negative charged atoms and molecules that can interact with the molecular particles in your hair. They seal the hair cuticle reducing frizziness, splits ends, knotting and increasing hair manageability, leaving hair silky and lustrous!

Temperature Setting:
The default operating temperature is 190℃, you can short press the temperature button to adjust the operation temperature. Once the temperature is set, then temperature LED setting light will start flashing. It will stop flashing and stay on when the set temperature is reached.

Working Temperature Advices:
Level 1, around 150℃ (300℉), suitable for first time user or user with thin and fine hair, or bleaches hair.
Level 2, around 170℃ (340℉), suitable for dyed or dark color hair.
Level 3 & Level 4, around 190℃ (380℉) to 210℃ (410℉), suitable for normal or slightly curled hair.
Level 5, around 230℃ (450℉), suitable for thick and very curly hair, or difficult to style hair.

Automatic security turing off after a usage of 30 minutes.
To switch temperature display between ℃ and ℉, please hold down ionic and power button at the same time for three seconds.
US Safety Plug, Short Circuit Protection, Leakage Protection.
Dual voltage operation support: 100V ~ 240V.
Travel international use: need an extra international power plug adapter.




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13 reviews for Hair Straightener Brush

  • I have really thick curly hair. This is perfect to smooth it out after I blow dry it straight before I use it

  • My hair has thinned from medical issues, and it has become frizzy. It has a natural wave in addition, so it is a challenge to straighten it at times. This straighter didn’t work very well for me the first time, but then I used some product in my hair and that made a big difference. My favorite feature is the temperature setting. The brush is really easy to hold and manage while ironing my hair. It heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit very quickly. It also has an auto shut off after 30 minutes, and a rotating cord so you use it from any angle.

  • I have short hair so not so easy to work with small area I did looked and felt great…thanks

  • Not 100% straight but works good for a 13 year old with long hair. Good first iron for her and I may give this a try soon.

  • I bought this hair straightener a few weeks ago—and found it such a time saver.

  • I really enjoyed this product. It straightened my hair good. To switch temperature display between ℃and ℉, just hold down ionic and power button at the same time for three seconds. It is so easy to use.

  • This was a good straightening tool. It was easy to use and took less time than a flattening iron. The auto shut off feature was also very helpful. All in all it was a good product.

  • This product is great to make hair smooth. I have tried many hair straighteners and even some that are a brush and they can be difficult to use, with this straightener it is important to hold the hair in order to brush the hair thru. I have very wavy unruly hair and I use this hair straightener once my hair was dry and it immediately removed the frizz and made my hair much more manageable, it even eliminated the frizz to the next day.

  • It is digital control, easy to set the temperature with press on a button. it has the auto shut off. When it’s not being used for 30 minutes it will shut off. My hair is straight and smooth under the help of this brush.

  • I received this hair straightener brush 2 days ago. I love that the bristles are spaced a bit further apart than many others. That means I don’t have to clean out hair like a brush. I have yet to burn myself and this might be due to the anti-scald feature. The bristles are not flexible but have ceramic plates that allow me to use my hand on the other side as I slide the brush through my hair without burning myself. The brush heated up in about 60 seconds. The temperatures are about 150-230 degrees Celsius. There is an ion button along with the temperature control and digital panel. I have wavy hair so I use medium heat. It smooths and straightens very easily without a lot of effort.

  • My 10 year old has medium thick, coarse, wavy hair that is very unruly. She calls it “Hermione Hair,” (a la Harry Potter). She doesn’t have the patience (and I don’t have the skills) for a blowout or a full session with a straightening iron. After a lot of research, I decided to buy this particular brush because of the flat bristles that heat up on the sides. I got it, plugged it in and did about 4 passes on one side of her hair, before it was even at full temp. These flat bristles are really perfect for her hair. I’m only giving it 4 stars for now, because we’ve only used it once, but I suspect I’ll be back to rate it a 5 if it keeps performing like this! Definitely worth the $!

  • SOO in love with this ! I am a busy mom of three and i do not have a lot of time to do things like fix my hair! It is very simple to use and works great in the time it would take to brush my hair well . I have my kinky curls under control. Its adorable as well and very durable. My kids have dropped it a few times and its still working !

  • Great product. Worked fast. Well built. Well worth the money. Im glad I researched and bought it. Heats up fast. I have natural curly frizzy long hair. Did my whole head in 10 minutes.

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