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1.I have thin,fine hair that kinks and frizzes if i don’t straighten it. Would this work for my hair?

This straightening brush would be more effective to thick hair and it can work with frizzes hair well.

2.Can this brush be used to dry andstraighten wet hair?

This brush is not intended to be used as a hairdryer, due to the fact it doesn’t blow heat, the material in the bristles heats up and emits heat instead. Also, when hair is wet, the silicone tips of the brush do not slide as smoothly. So if your hair is only slightly damp (as opposed to wet), it can work, depending on your hair type. We do suggest using the brush on dry hair to get best results.

3.Can this product be used to put a slight curl on the ends of the hair?

Yes, you can use this brush to slightly curl the ends of your hair by flipping the brush in or outward on the end strands.

4.where is this brush made?

Our partner factory located in China, with almost 13 years professional experience in the field design and manufacture.

5.Can Iuse any hair products while using this brush?

Yes, you can absolutely use heat protecting products with the hair brush, as well as your typical conditioning routine you’d do before drying your hair with a hair dryer.

6.How long is the brush bristles?

The product size is 270*70*40mm and the length of the bristles is about 20mm.

7.I have short hair, from 2-5inch,will I be able to use this brush on my short hair without burning my scalp?

We are sorry to tell you that this brush wouldn’t suitable for such short hair.

8.Does it work in dual voltage?

Yes, the brush operates with input of 100-240 Voltage.