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Hair Straightener Brush


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PTC Heating

PTC stones have fast heating response times and plateau once the predefined reference temperatures is reached. It gives even heat distribution and quick temperature recovery time.


Lonic Technology

The built-in ionic generator emits negative ions-negative charged atoms and molecules that can interact with the molecular particles in your hair.They seal the hair cuticle reducing frizziness, splits ends, knotting and increasing hair manageability, leaving hair silky and lustrous!


Temperature Setting

The default operating temperature is 190℃, you can short press the temperature button to adjust the operation temperature. Once the temperature is set, then temperature LED setting light will start flashing. It will stop flashing and stay on when the set temperature is reached.

Customer Reviews


Princess Nary

Best purchase ever! Cut my morning routine in half!! Showered, went to bed with my hair wet..woke up, brushed it out, and sectioned it off. I love it!! Took maybe 10 mins total!


Amanda Nowalk

I never write a product review this fast. I just received my straightening brush like 4 hours ago and I already used it. I have four other straighteners in my closet. This is the best straightener period! It straighten my hair super duper fast and really good. Buy it you won’t be disappointed!


Marlene Osborn

I love it! Not only does it shorten my time when i get ready but it also leaves a shine. Takes no time at all for me to have my hair looking the way I want it to. Best hair tool I have ever owned.